• Fifty Shades Darker
    Fifty Shades Darker
  • Writers: E.L. James
  • Status: Complete
  • Genres: Fiction Romance

Fifty Shades Darker

Definitely, the book is written in the worst way ever possible. At many places i thought i was reading a teenager's diary .. considering the fact that Ana had studied literature and used words like 'a

vuncular' in daily conversation ... she used to 'think' in a very naive manner . I wont even get started about the inner goddess . In the beginning it was funny but then it got really annoying .Then there were other things like getting flushed, and what not ...nevermind  Moving on to the character of christian grey .Yes, i liked him .He was good and particularly in this second part he changed his 'ways'.He became this hardcore romantic like he was supposed to be .  And yes if we go on criticizing the book in its way of writing, or the characters the review would never end.  but the reason i liked this book is simple , i understand that it is a work of fiction , author's first work , and beyond all the stupidity of the book it was a good story . especially fifty shades darker is so much full of drama i liked it a little better than the other two . It shouldn't be an erotica though .The scenes were purposefully thrown upon wherever the author thought she could.  There are books better than this . And i wouldn't go raving about CG, even though i liked his authoritative character i would think a 100 times to have some one like him in my life in reality. but then that is the reason these books are fiction, fantasy even.  so like any thing in the world, the book has both pros and cons. And at the end of the day it depends on how you look at it . Just because it was written poorly and the characters were not flawless doesn't mean the story was bad .