In a split second everybody vanishes. Just gone, aside from the youthful high schoolers, center schoolers and little children. In any case, not one single grown-up - no educators, no cops, no speciali

sts, no folks. Pretty much as abruptly, there are no telephones, no Internet, no TV. No real way to get help. Furthermore, no real way to make sense of what's happened.  Craving undermines. Spooks standard. An evil animal sneaks. Creatures are transforming. Also, the high schoolers themselves are changing, growing new abilities - incomprehensible, risky, dangerous forces - that become more grounded by the day.  It's an unnerving new world. Sides are being picked, a battle is getting down to business. Townies against rich children. Spooks against the feeble. Capable against feeble. Furthermore, time is running out: On your birthday, you vanish simply like others... A heavenly first book in what without a doubt is a just as brilliant series.  Michael Grant is strangely innovative, and this little reality naturally makes this book a sparkling guide in a sort that has a tendency to tell the same stories again and again. It doesn't squander whenever bouncing directly into the insane, with our hero seeing the sudden and incomprehensible vanishing of his instructor on the first page, and doesn't ease up once. Gift tosses out new riddles and improvements at a fast pace, rapidly turning what begins as a generally direct story into a complex and brain twisting background. New thoughts are continually presented, while ones that you thought you comprehended get winds that abandon you, again, befuddled and uncertain. Children create otherworldly capacities. Creatures begin transforming. The book will make in rush.