• Hunger Games
    Hunger Games
  • Writers: Suzanne Collins
  • Status: Complete
  • Genres: Fiction Romance

Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins' splendidly plotted and superbly paced new novel, "The Hunger Games," is set much more remote later on however thinks about a large portion of the same inquiries.  "The Hunger Games" 

starts long after the human populace has been crushed by environmental change and the wars that took after. Presently North America is the country of Panem, a nation with 12 fenced-in locale that all work to encourage the immensely well off and innovatively propelled capital. Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen lives in District 12, the poorer of every one of them. Her dad passed on mining in the Seam years prior, and now her family survives on account of her mom's learning of home grown prescription and Katniss' own particular unlawful chasing and assembling outside the locale's wall.  Long back in Panem, there was a District 13. The area revolted, and the Capital obliterated it and slaughtered every one of its tenants. To recognize the occasion — and to help the regions to remember its energy — the Capital composes the yearly yearning diversions where 2 young people must battle till death. The occasion is viewed by the entire country on live TV. The champ — and there can be stand out — comes back to his or her home area triumphant and rich.  As the challenge advances, Katniss adds to an association with the kid from her region. Be that as it may, not even she appears to know whether her emotions are genuine or faked for the ubiquitous cameras.  The book makes for an elating story and a future we can fear and trust in, yet it additionally permits us to see the similitude between Katniss' reality and our own. American extravagance, all things considered, relies on upon another person's neediness. A great many people in Panem live at subsistence levels, attempting to encourage the enormous cravings of the Capital's natives. Collins some of the time neglects to abuse the rich metaphorical potential here for fresh plotting, yet it's difficult to blame a novel for being excessively engrossing.