• Inheritance
  • Writers: Christopher Paolini
  • Status: Complete
  • Genres: Fiction Fantasy


Review 1: Inheritance is the last book of the inheritance cycle of Christopher Paolini. In the four books, I've seen Eragon and Saphira grow from brave but unprepared youngsters to formidable enemies 

for Galbatorix. The other caracter have grown as well. Arya, erlier often cold and hard to understand, shows more of her humanity without losing her fierce character. Not only the characters have grown, Christopher Paolini has grown as well. You see it in his style of writing and in the character development. I've enjoyed the whole Inheritance cycle immensly and Inheritance was a worthy end to this amazing high fantasy tetralogy. The whole last book is so believable and the characters are relatable. The most powerfull characters are vulnerable whilst being strong and nobody is invincible. This kept me anxious for more information about Eragon and Saphira, because you never know what might happen. That is the reason I read this whole book in only 2 days! If you liked the other books then you certainly can't go wrong with this one! Highly recomended!  Review 2: This book is just..uhhh...perfect. I probably would have killed myself if not for the magic in these pages. Not really, but I had to go to an over the summer study thing for a test I had to retake, only to get one point better, (I'm not a math person). Anyway: I read all four of the books in the series to keep myself entertained and honestly that ended up being the best part of my s**t summer and I'm ever so grateful for the calming presence it has on the book shelf facing my bed. I depend on it like a night light sometimes. I've searched for better books and yes I do love LOTR, but it just doesn't stand up to Inheritance for me...idk...if there was any book series I'd tell a YA book fan, it'd be this.