New Moon

I enjoyed this book, but I still liked the first 'Twilight' more for the simple reason of: Edward Cullen. He was not in this book as much, to me it seemed more of a book showcasing Bella and Jacob, an

d Jake's transformation into a wolf. Edward was in the beginning and the end, and when Bella had those "visions" of him. I did not hate this book, but I'm team Edward 110% so this is not the best book for ME. Overall: 4 stars  ============  I really didn't enjoy this one as much as the first book. It felt like it was missing something compelling (the Cullen's, probably), and I found that I was pushing myself to just get through it, get it over with.  Aside from the monotony of the La Push residents, even the writing seemed worse than in Twilight. I thought Twilight was written well (not extraordinary mind you, but decent and flowing), but New Moon really seemed forced. The writing was disjointed and GOD THE EDITOR SUCKED. There were speech and grammar usage errors that should never end up in a final publication.  Yeah so I love Bella and Edward but I just wasn't feeling this one.