The Help

This book takes place in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960's. This story is told through the eyes of three women. Skeeter who is twenty two has just returned home to join her family after graduating. S

keeter soon realises that, Constantine the family maid who also helped raise, Skeeter as a baby is no longer a part of their family. Constantine has been a huge part of, Skeeter's life and she's desperate to know where she is, but her mother is not giving anything away. Although Skeeter's mother has only ever wanted, Skeeter to settle down and marry, Skeeter has other ideas as she's always wanted to be a writer.  Skeeter's first writing job starts out with writing in a weekly cleaning coloum, but seeing as, Skeeter doesn't know much about cleaning as she grew up having a maid she seeks the help of Minnie and her best friend Aibileen who have been maids since they were young. From here the three women form a friendship and, Skeeter will learn about how black maids have been treated over the years. The stories that, Skeeter hears from these women start to get her thinking that there is a story to be told and she wants to turn these stories into a book. As word gets around more women come forward and want to tell their stories, but Skeeter and these women are heading into a dangerous area and they must he careful as to what they put in this book for it will surely ruffle some feathers and get a lot of people off side.  I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this book. What an amazing and extraordinary read this was and one that I just couldn't bare to put down. I have seen the movie which I really enjoyed, but the book blew me away and this book will stay with me for a long time to come. Highly recommended.